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'27 Ford Track T Roadster Kit

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Kit Pricing

This is the budget type kit you can purchase with a credit card. You can buy the Master Kit, or a sub-group of components, or a piece at a time as your budget allows. Here are some suggested kit packages to get you started on your way to completing the finest street rod kit car there is. Click on any item below to see a description of what that package includes.

Click here to see the Track Roadster Kit Specifications. Click here to see the Track Roadster Kit Gallery Photo.

Master Kit (Click here for list of parts included) $13,195.00
Kit I (Click here for list of parts included)  
Kit II (Click here for list of parts included)  
Kit III (Click here for list of parts included)  
Kit IV (Click here for list of parts included)  
(Add to
V6 or V8 Exhaust System, Outside Type, Chrome (State Type of Engine) 
Drive Line (state length) 
Optional gear ratio 
Battery Box, plastic$25.00
Side Mirror$54.95 each
Rear View Mirror- Windshield Mount, brushed finish$49.95 each
Throttle Pedal Assembly, Chrome 
Throttle Pedal Assembly, Billet 
Throttle Cable$40.00
Brake Pad -Billet,  Alum.call for quote
Fuel Filler $45.95
Shifter w/boot, Rear Mount, w/knob- length? 
Emergency Brake w/Boot & Cable, floor mount 
Steering Column, (all types)call for quote
Steering Column Drop, Aluminum, brushed or polishedcall for quote
Complete Steering Connection Kit, steel 
Kick-Down Cable Kit, state trans. type 
Chevy Firewall, Recessed for Distributor Clearance $445.00
Dual Master Cylinder $35.00
Brake Proportioning Valve$72.00
Brake Residual Valve$24.00
Gauges and Tachometer 
Wind wing mts.$105.00 pr.
Chrome or Stainless PartsCall for
Frame, w/All Brackets

Chassis with options


call for quote

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